Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) vs. iPhone (4S): Review roundup

–>How does the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3, if you must) stack up, vs. the Apple iPhone 4S? It’s time for one of Richi’s roundups of reviews from around the Web. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers compare, contrast, and castigate.
By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Guess the FUNCTION of the THING…
Matt Hamblen rambles from afar:

[The] Galaxy S III was unveiled by Samsung’s…J.K. Shin, at a crowded London media event. … [It] will run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) [with] a 4.8-in. touchscreen with an HD Super Amoled display at 1280 x 720…an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera.

the device is not much bigger than…the Galaxy S II, because the bezel…has been reduced. … Intelligent software in the phone provides face and voice recognition. … Samsung showed how the phone’s screen will go black when a user’s eyes are closed. … Samsung said the Galaxy S III will have a 2,100 mAh battery.

The 4.8-in.size of the device’s screen was an attention getter. The…iPhone has a 3.5-in. screen, but there are reports [of] 4 inches for the iPhone 5.   

Daniel Ionescu has more pomaceous comparisons:

The display of the Samsung Galaxy S III is huge. … But while the screen is bigger, the resolution has not gone up…making the S III pixel density 306…ppi, which is still below the iPhone 4S’ 326.

The bigger screen and size of the S III allows for a thinner phone…at 0.34 inches. … The iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus are 0.37 inches thick…the Galaxy S III is also lighter than the iPhone 4S.

Samsung packs an Exynos 4 Quad 1.4 GHz quad-core…which is the most powerful processor in this comparison.

The best front camera comes with the Galaxy S III, while the iPhone is at the bottom of the league.   

Andrew Williams, joins in:

Galaxy S3 comes in two…finishes – white and a dark blue brushed metal-effect, but it’s still definitely plastic. … iPhone 4S is covered on each side by…glass. It helps to keep the phone feeling ultra-premium, but doesn’t half make you worried about dropping the thing.

iPhone 4S use a variation on the IPS type [of screen]. … The one chink in the IPS armour is the use of a universal backlight. … The Samsung Galaxy S3′s Super AMOLED screen…uses light-emitting pixels…letting pixels displaying black stay perfectly dark.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 continues the trend of its predecessor…with at least 16GB of internal [storage] and a microSD card slot.

Galaxy S3 [is]…MHL-compliant, meaning you can plug them into a TV and pipe across HD video and surround sound. … The iPhone is a little more constrained, predictably.   

And Nathan Olivarez-Giles tells us more about the facial recognition:

As Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S III…it focused…on the concept that the phone can actually predict your next move — a talent you won’t find in…Apple’s iPhone 4S.

[The] camera registers when you’re looking at the device…its screen will turn on and remain active as long as you’re using it…[so no] screen dimming in the middle of reading a long email. … [And it] automatically places a phone call…if you’re in the middle of writing a text and lift the phone to your ear.

Samsung hasn’t yet offered details on U.S. pricing or carriers, but [the] Galaxy S II was available across all four major U.S. carriers. … A 3G version of the Galaxy S III will launch in Europe in May…but the U.S. will have wait until later this summer to get its variant…[which] will run on 4G LTE.   

Meanwhile, JR Raphael gets powerful:

Samsung is bundling in a two-year 50GB Dropbox subscription with all Galaxy S III purchases.

Unlike many recent high-end…phones, the Galaxy S III has a user-removable battery, so you can easily swap it out if you wish.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III ships with…Android 4.0 that is unmistakably a TouchWiz-flavored version…which, depending on your perspective, [is] either gorgeous or godawful.

Samsung…talked about a wireless charger for the phone as well as a flip-cover…a desktop dock, car dock, battery charging stand…and “S Pebble” music-playing companion.   

And Finally…
Guess the FUNCTION of the THING
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